The school curriculum reflects the requirements to provide a broad and balanced curriculum as per the Academies Act 2010, and the National Curriculum programmes of study which we have chosen to follow.

It also reflects requirements for inclusion and equality as set out in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 2014 and Equality Act 2010, and refers to curriculum-related expectations of governing boards set out in the Department for Education’s Governance Handbook.

Listed below are the curriculum grids of planned work for each class for the current half term. The grids below are just an outline and, in line with all good classroom practice, may be modified or adapted to meet the individual needs of the children to maintain a high standard of teaching and learning. Please feel free to contact the school or your child’s class teacher if you would like further information.

Class: Foundation Stage

Teacher: Mrs Dakin


Thematic Plan

Knowledge Organiser RE

Knowledge Organiser Science

Knowledge Organiser Topic

Primary Remote Education Information for Parents

Long Term Plans 2022-2023






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