The school parliament is made up of two children from each year group between years 2 and 6. There is a nomination and voting process to select the parliament members – children interested in becoming a school parliament member are asked to prepare a speech which they deliver to their own class. This speech includes areas they would like to develop in school or new areas they feel need to be addressed. After each of the candidates has made their speech to their class, their classmates vote for who they think will make the best member of the parliament. Once the votes have been counted and the members selected, the children read their speeches again to the rest of the school during an assembly so that the rest of the children can see who their parliament members are throughout the school. Parents are invited to attend the assembly and badges are awarded to the team by the headteacher.

The main themes of this year’s nominees were current affairs such as climate change and the environment.

The main priorities for school parliament this academic year are:

  • Introducing peer mediators – these are children who help to resolve issues on the playground and recognise positive behaviour around the school.
  • A focus on building character muscles.
  • Development of Sacred Heart becoming a new food bank charity.
  • Improving learning and behaviour for all.
  • Introducing coloured bands to the dinner hall at lunch time.
  • Eco project