At Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy, we aim:

  • To encourage all members of our community to deepen their knowledge, understanding and love of God and His creation through a varied and meaningful liturgical life;
  • To foster in our children, a sense of mission: to understand, respect and serve the wider world and its peoples through all the challenges they might face;
  • To provide an environment where each person is valued as an individual and has the opportunity to develop their full potential in all areas;
  • To develop a sense of ‘enjoyment of learning’ in all;
  • To provide a high quality, wide and balanced curriculum appropriate to individual needs and fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum and Diocesan requirements which will give everybody the opportunity to:
    • Develop enquiring minds with the ability to question, argue and think rationally and independently;
    • Use language, number and ICT effectively;
    • Develop physical abilities and aesthetic appreciation;
    • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life, society and employment in a fast changing world;
  • To engage children and adults in new technologies such as e-learning, which are changing how we lead our lives and the ways we work at school.
    This will:

    • Increase awareness of God’s creation of the world and our place in it, including opportunities to experience AWE and WONDER;
    • Encourage children and adults to have a sense of belonging and a sense of pride in our school;
    • Open up opportunities, promote independence in learning and thinking;
    • Assist in the formation of forward thinking, flexible, spontaneous and appreciative learners with lots of motivation and a high self esteem;
    • Maintain staff knowledge, e.g. by providing regular opportunities for staff INSET;
  • To create a strong and valued working partnership between governors, staff, parents, children of the school and the local parish communities.


Download our Mission and Vision Statement here.