Chaplaincy Team @ Sacred Heart Loughborough

The Chaplaincy team at Sacred Heart positively supports the Catholic life and Mission of the school. Children must apply in writing at the start of the academic year for the role of Chaplain. The aim of the Chaplaincy Team is to contribute to the school’s life in faith by leading our community in prayer, worship and the Catholic mission of service.

As well as this, our team take the lead on many whole school acts of worship. This includes the Ash Wednesday Liturgy where the Chaplains distribute the ashes to their peers, our families and our staff. Chaplains set the Child-Led Weekly Mission and Report on how different year groups fulfilled the previous weekly mission in our Praise Assemblies.

Facilitating Spontaneous Prayer and taking a lead role in the school’s charity work are also key elements of being part of the Chaplaincy Team at Sacred Heart. Our Chaplains are beacons that demonstrate the ability of our amazing children to pray, reflect and live out our chosen Catholic Virtues: Kindness, Friendship, Forgiveness, Confidence, Patience, Compassion and Love of Learning.