Mission sentence:

“A Sacred Heart Geographer appreciates God’s creation. They are a curious and inspired learner who has a diverse knowledge of the world around them, on a local, national and international scale. They recognise and have the skills to allow them to be a resourceful, active citizen who makes meaningful contributions to protect God’s world.”



Through our spiral curriculum model in which we build upon previous learning, we allow our pupils to further develop their geographical skills and knowledge. Pupils learn about places and the processes (human and physical) that shape environments, enabling them to be explorative thinkers. We encourage our pupils to make links between their own experiences and knowledge of their locality, as well as finding out about our country and the wider world beyond, helping them to understand and value diversity. Through conducting fieldwork, they observe and build awareness of how places have changed over time.


Opportunities linked to learning:

  • Loughborough walk (Yr1)
  • River walk (Yr4)


Pupil voice:

“I think it is important that we learn about different cultures and places around the world, so we can learn to be tolerant and understand and accept others differences.”



Studying Geography can lead to undertaking many important jobs, including:

  • Airline pilot
  • Archaeologist
  • Cabin crew
  • Climate scientist
  • Countryside ranger
  • Ecologist
  • Estates officer
  • Land surveyor
  • Secondary Geography teacher
  • Tourist guide
  • Transport planner
  • Travel agent


  • Exploring the River Lin